"You Have a Sacred Contract with the Universe, and no one can Fulfill it, Except You."

- Gary Zukav



This is the place you've been brought to - for good reason. For this is the place you will be awakened to your truth, aligned with your soul, and empowered by your infinite source within...



This is the place you will find your ultimate Freedom.



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*The* Podcast For Soul Penetrating Breakthroughs


Ready to do some soul-expanding on the go?

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Meet the Soul Sisters Your Never Knew You Had


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Are You Ready to Rise?

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The Awakening Book

A Guide to Spiritually Awaken Your Highest Self, Intuitive Connection, and Deepest Purpose


There are many old souls in the modern world today feeling drained, discontent, and unfulfilled, knowing there’s a far greater purpose of some kind they’re meant to be serving. But where do we turn when the gratitude journals and positive thinking aren’t enough?

According to Jennifer Jayde, our best guide is inside.

The Awakening: A Guide to Spiritually Awaken Your Highest Self, Intuitive Connection, and Deepest Purpose has every deep spiritual training inside that helped Jennifer move from discontent, lost, and out of love with her life - to uncovering her purpose, receiving 24/7 guidance from her Soul, and creating a life of far more fulfilment and abundance than she and her family have ever known - all in less than 2 years.

If you're feeling called to live a limitless, Soul-Aligned life full-time - use this book as your guide, to Awaken…

Find it on Amazon Canada HERE,

Amazon USA HERE,

or on the GBR Publishing House Website HERE

{ Also available Worldwide on Amazon }

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The Awakening Online LIVE Program

6 Week LIVE Online Intimate Group Program with Jennifer Jayde





Discover Your Purpose, Overcome Ego Sabotage, Create an Income DOING WHAT MAKES YOUR SOUL COME ALIVE!

For the woman seeking to live a Soul Aligned Life - FULL-TIME.
Create a deeper connection with your intuition, uncover your unique gifts and life training, your inner power, your TRUTH. This woman refuses to have any regrets on her deathbed, and is more inspired than ever to discover the truth of who she really is, and what she was meant to effect in the world during her lifetime. Whether you are an entrepreneur or not, if you're desiring to embody your Highest Self, Live your Highest Path, and create a life aligned with your SOUL - this 6 week online course is for you. All levels of spiritual connection welcome! 

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Private 1x1 Coaching and Mentorship

6 Month Private Soul Aligned Life + Business Transformation with Jennifer Jayde

*** Currently 1 Space Available ***

This is for the highly driven woman who knows her purpose and desire to live a soul aligned life full time is greater than her fears. She has an inner pull to help others in a deeply meaningful way, all the while creating a life that inspires both her AND those around her.

This is a high level mentorship, the closest and most dedicated Jennifer works with anyone. Because of the nature of the work, the time and energy involved, only a small number of clients are taken on throughout the course of the year.

If your heart is calling you to reach out and see what’s possible, why not?! Click HERE and connect with Jennifer in a friendly, no expectation way to see if you’re the right fit to be doing this level of life transformative work together.

Click HERE for more information while this final space is still available.

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