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Discover Your Purpose, Develop Your Gifts, Deliver Your Soul to the World

If this is what you desire, you’re in the right place, sister…

Whether you are...


- Seeking to find a way to escape your 9-5 for good doing something you LOVE

- Desiring to create 6 figures or more living in alignment with your purpose and helping others

- An existing entrepreneur ready for that next breakthrough level of success, alignment, and impact, and income

- Someone that wants to be an inspiring role model to those you love, leading by example what’s possible when you follow your heart and lead a joyful, fulfilling, inspired life…full-time

- Desiring to make the VERY MOST out of WHATEVER TIME you have LEFT!

Then, my friend, welcome home. This is where you belong…. 


Breakthrough success in life and business begins from the Inside Out - If you'd like to transform your outer world, let's start with your inner one...

I am at the half way point of leading my first ever group program!! Remember that dream? I have never felt so on fire or on purpose! Seriously, I am living a “pinch me” kind of life. The momentum is building and I am so blessed. Thank you. Thank you.
— Beth Joy
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- For the Soul Ready to Awaken, Rise, and Inspire - 

Uncover Your Purpose

Reveal and Remove Soul Power Leaks  

Rise into Breakthrough Success

Create an Income that INSPIRES Both YOU and OTHERS!

Live a Soul Aligned Life FULL-TIME

And in doing so... Inspire Others to do the same


Inspire Not by What You Say ~But By Who You Become...






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Official Bio

Jennifer Jayde is an internationally, 2x time bestselling and award winning Author, International Speaker and Worldwide Soul Aligned Success Coach for Aspiring and Existing Entrepreneurs. She has been featured in notable Magazines, interviews and podcasts internationally, appeared on television in both Canada and the USA, and spoken in front of many captivated audiences. She’s also the host of the Soul Adventurer podcast, which has ranked top 20 on Apple Podcasts in Canada in the popular Self-Help category.

As seen (or heard) on the Inspirational 30 TV Show, Commando Coach TV Show, The Huffington Post, THRIVE Global, Rizing Magazine, It Girl Radio, I Heart My Life with Emily Williams, Countless Interviews and Summits, Featured Guest Speaker at the Wanderpreneur International Retreat, RBC Royal Bank of Canada Keynote Speaker, Featured Guest Speaker at the GBR Publishing House Awards, Syndicated on Sony, Sharp, Apple TV, LG and Samsung. Also featured on multiple Youtube platforms, the 3 Day Workweek Podcast, the Mind Over Matter Podcast, the Rachel Varga Podcast, the Women United Project and more…

Jennifer Jayde’s greatest joy is in freeing others to live their most soul-aligned life successfully and abundantly. Specializing in aspiring and existing entrepreneurs, Jennifer’s gift is to zone in and pinpoint the exact root causes you’ve not yet created the fullest expression of your desired income, potential, lifestyle and business - help you excavate out those soul anchors once and for all - and catapult you forward into the life and business your soul is yearning for. This is living a Soul-Aligned Life full-time - and this is what Jennifer was put on this earth to help you with…