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" She who looks outside dreams. She who looks inside, awakens..." 

- Carl Jung







Breakthrough Success in Life and Business is shaped from the inside out. If you desire to help others, inspire your loved ones, find deep inner happiness and outward success, you must begin from within. There's no way around it. Try as you might, you will carry on feeling like there's something missing, until you surrender to the guidance of your own Inner Guide. This is the missing link you've been longing for. I'm here to unite you with your Highest Self, your Deepest Truth, and Your Ultimate Inner Calling in Life. 

Welcome home, my beautiful soul sister...


To my beautiful new soul sister, 

Tell me, do we have this in common?

I was always in such a rush to make things happen. Constantly in a state of worry about money. It took me spending upwards of $100k to realize, I could've found my answers for free...

I just wanted someone to give me the answers, the exact guidelines and map towards being completely free.

I hired the best coaches, invested $65k USD in private coaching, $7k USD in Masterminds, and travelled all over the world to conferences, workshops, private retreats and seminars plus flights, hotels, food and taxis.

And after all this, STILL feeling lost (and exhausted). Still feeling like I wasn't quite living true to my purpose. Something was still missing...

Finally, when the debt from trying to find my answers from everyone and everywhere else outside of me was more than I could bare, I had nowhere left to turn but inwards.

Afraid to walk away from external support, I knew I had to invest now in learning how to tune in to my my own inner voice. To develop my own style, understand my own truth, and connect to my deepest sense of purpose and fulfillment.

And after finally learning how to connect more and more deeply to my Highest Self, my intuition, my inner guide... I was awakened.

More and more I could see clearly the path I was meant to take.

More and more excitement continues to pour out from me every single day.

More and more inspiration fills my heart and soul for new programs, new posts, new books, new speaking engagements.

More and more people have been emailing and private messaging me to work with me (without me having changed a single thing visibly) and invited me to experience ongoing incredible opportunities such as top podcast interviews, international tv show interviews, co-authoring in best selling published books and being paid to speak at luxury tropical retreats. 

And more and more I realize, I was searching for my answers in all the wrong places.

And now it's your turn, my beautiful soul sister.

If you've been doing all the things, listening to all the coaching, mentoring, and external advice, and yet STILL feeling like something isn't quite right, or not feeling the deep sense of purpose and passion your soul craves, the Your Inner Guide is waiting for you.

If you know in your heart there is a higher, happier, more fulfilling path awaiting your arrival but you can't seem to find it, Your Inner Guide is waiting is for you.

If you have an innate desire to connect more deeply to your Inner Guide, Turn on your Intuitive Gifts, and learn how to TRUST your Self beyond a shadow of a doubt, your Inner Guide is waiting for you.

If you're ready to finally learn how listen to your ULTIMATE guide, the one that's inside, and partner with this infinite resource so that you become unstoppable now and for the REST OF YOUR LIFE - Take this quick, free quiz I created just for you, so you can connect with your Inner Guide and true purpose for your life;

If you're ready to awaken, beauty, you've come to the right place (thank you Universe :) ) 

I cannot wait to connect with you further... <3 <3 <3


PS - Are you ready for your next steps, my beautiful soul sister?



The Story Behind Jennifer Jayde

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Dear Soul Sister, 

There was a time I thought I knew exactly what I wanted. A nice house, a hot car, a loving husband and a great career. And I would do whatever it took to create this. 

Maybe you can relate..

I wanted this so bad, I’d even chosen to disregard my own soul. 

At the age of 17 I had this light bulb moment that I wanted to be a photographer. That would be my absolute dream - travelling and taking photos for a living. This dream was immediately squashed when a close friend of mine said “have fun being broke for the rest of your life.”



Coming from a childhood of watching my mom struggle with rent, bills, groceries, and having all sorts of anxiety and panic attacks because of it, I was terrified to risk walking that same path - so I immediately halted any plans of following my dream. 

If I wanted the nice house, hot car, great career etc, I was going to have to be more realistic about it. Work hard, as they say, right? 

I ignored what was in my heart to pursue and instead followed my head, into finance. 


Maybe you’re reading this, because at some point in your life, you’ve done the same. 

And it does feel like hard work.

Every day I came home exhausted, depleted, drained, and uninterested in doing anything else but zoning out of my own life through watching the lives of others on TV. Surely I had it better than Victor and Nikki on Young and the Restless…

But almost a decade later, now just passing my mid twenties - I just couldn’t take it anymore.

My life had become this series of groundhog days. Every year looking and feeling exactly the same as the last. 

Is this really all there is?  I began wondering…


And around this time, a tragic loss in my family would jolt me awake to the fact that I was wasting my most valuable and precious resource I’d ever been given in this life - time. 

One of my favourite fellow Canadian speakers, Robin Sharma says “Do not live the same year 75 times and call it a life.” 

And yet that’s exactly what I was doing. 

Now viscerally understanding that maybe my life could be cut short at any given moment too, I decided it was time - to awaken…


After facing the most immense fear of my life and walking away from my ‘great career’ I worked so very hard for in finance, I broke through the seemingly thick brick wall of worry and doubt into the most exhilarating time in my life. Taking photos for a living full time, travelling around the world, making new friends with similar passions to mine…I finally felt alive for the first time in my life.

And after awakening to the fact that someone that comes from nothing, from nowhere, with massive amounts of fear (and bills to pay) can actually go out and live her dream, create an extraordinary life, and feel exhilarated just to be alive - then I knew what I had to do.

Share with my fellow soul sisters of the world it's possible for them to. 

This story could go on a bit longer, but I'll save it for when we get to chat in person :) 

In a nutshell, I discovered that photography was my stepping stone, not my purpose. And I was ready to take off life's training wheels and turn my purpose into my soul-inspired business. 

Allowing my purpose to lead the way, and not my money woes, my new business took off faster than I could even keep up with. I somehow managed to generate my first 6 figures within the first 6 months of my business. I was already being asked for interviews and podcasts within my 3rd month in business. I went on to create 1/4 of a million dollars within my first year, and have learned to listen to my Inner Guide and get into such flow with the Universe that I am approached regularly for dream opportunities that I never even had to chase, such as being interviewed on Top Podcasts, being offered my own radio show, doing international TV Interviews, being asked to write my own books by a best selling publisher, leading to topping charts on the Amazon best seller lists for both the USA and Canada, being invited as a paid guest speaker for luxury soul/biz retreats and more.


Which brings me to today. 

My absolute passion and conviction that everything I've created, is available to you too (and so much more!!)

And that by learning how to truly tap in to your Intuitive Inner Guide, Understanding how to Take Action despite the tricks of Ego (and how to tell the difference) and knowing how to get into your flow with the Universe - YOU will be unstoppable, too. 

Now that you know a little about me, I can't wait to learn more about you, my beautiful soul sister... <3