" She who looks outside dreams. She who looks inside, awakens..." 

- Carl Jung

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Breakthrough Success in Life and Business is shaped from the inside out. If you desire to help others, inspire your loved ones, find deep inner happiness and outward success, you must begin from within. There's no way around it. Try as you might, you will carry on feeling like there's something missing, until you surrender to the guidance of your own Inner Guide. This is the missing link you've been longing for. I'm here to unite you with your Highest Self, your Deepest Truth, and Your Ultimate Inner Calling in Life. From this place, and this place only - you can truly begin to live a Soul Aligned Life, full-time.

Welcome home, my beautiful soul sister...


Jennifer Jayde is a Leading Spiritual Teacher + Mentor for Women who Desire to Inspire.

Meet Jen 

I had a moment right out of Eat Pray Love, where I looked around at my picture perfect life, and realized I was completely and utterly unhappy. 

How had I gotten here? 

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Coming from living in a basement suite with my single mom and falling asleep to the sound of  sirens each night, I had worked so hard to create the life I had by age 25. I had the big beautiful wedding at a castle, bought the two storey house, the 2 seater convertible, and was doing well in my finance career. I’ve never been naturally gifted or extraordinarily talented at anything - I worked my ass off for this life. So why was it, the more ‘success’ I had, the less happy I became? 


Fast forward to today, I’ve never felt so free in all my life. How I spend each and every single day is my choice. I live in places I love (primarily San Diego, CA and Vancouver Island, BC) right beside the ocean, I earn a higher income than I’ve ever had before, simply by being me and doing work I love so much it feels weird to even call it work. I’ve never been happier in my marriage, in my Self, and in my life. 


How did I get here? Well, this is exactly the ‘work’ that I’m here to help you with. It is the most exhilarating journey you could ever go on, and I couldn’t be more honoured to share this experience with you…



This May Surprise You But...

I no longer subscribe to the generational belief that hard work equals success and happiness in life. 

I've lived life on both ends of the spectrum - working my ass off to achieve success as quickly as possible - as well as - coming to a place where my priority became enjoying my life, fun, play, joy, adventure first and yes, still creating financial success too. 

And it was when I reversed these roles, that I finally found the happiness, fulfilment AND success beyond anything I'd ever known before.


It hasn't been easy to find ease...

It took a lot for me to give up my hard working, grinding, hustling ways - because this started for me when I was just 4 years old and I understood for the first time that my mom and I were poor. I didn't want to be a burden -  in fact I wanted to help out even. So my kool-aid stands, multiple paper routes, over-achieving and hard working ways began - and carried on strong for over 2 decades straight. 

This took me through starting and creating a successful financial career at age 21, reaching 6 figures and crossing everything off the 'traditional success' bucket list as quickly as possible, only to realize I was completely unhappy and unfulfilled. 

It was around this time that I received news that literally dropped me to my knees…

One of my closest family members had been diagnosed with a terminal illness, at age 41 years old.

When he died - I chose to LIVE

- I decided it was time to love my life - FULL TIME - not just on evenings and weekends. I chose to transition from the agonizing prison of my windowless finance office, to my dream business - destination wedding photography.

I realized I would rather try and even fail at something I love, than to never know what could've been...

Still having my hustle and grind mentality - this business rose to success very quickly. I hired the mentors, teachers, and flew to workshops all over the world. Within two years I was the highest paid wedding photographer in my area, was hired to photograph weddings in my dream locations such as Hawaii, Australia and the Caribbean -  and began winning consecutive awards for the first time in my life. 

But as exhilarating as these few years were, I knew there was still something missing. 

I couldn't believe that someone like me - a girl from a small town in Canada, with no extraordinary talents or abilities, no special gifts, no handouts or head starts from anyone, could create a life beyond what she ever dreamed she was capable of.  But if I wasn't happy in finance, or even destination wedding photography anymore, what on earth was I meant to do?


I worked with my first coach for 6 months seeking answers, clarity, and personal growth.


And then I heard it - 


"The only thing that could be better than this, would be showing other women how they can do the same..."

And so here we are. 

Only now I've done enough personal and spiritual growth to finally let go of the hustle and grind mentality (and reaching burn out also helped...)

I live my life and run my business both intuitively. Even though Joy is now my #1 priority (and no longer financial success at all costs, such as working a career I don't love for almost a decade) I still create more income than I ever did when I was hustling and grinding in finance and photography. 

I never would've believed it until I experienced it for myself.

It's possible.

It's possible to love your life so much it brings you to tears sometimes. 

It's possible to love your husband more after 10 years of marriage than you did when you were first dating. 

It's possible to create an income doing something you love so much you would do it for free, for fun. 

It's possible to be paid well beyond what you ever thought was possible for you. 

It's possible to do this with ease. 

It's possible to inspire others, just by taking the next steps on your own personal journey to self discovery and higher alignment. 

It's possible to completely and radically shift your outer world, by doing the inner work - and it can happen quickly.


I'm here to show you how...

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It's Your Turn, My Beautiful Soul Sister...

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I guide, teach and mentor driven women like you - to create the kind of life that inspires you - and countless others, too.

When we work together, you will experience freedom you never even realized was possible for you. 

The freedom to be who you truly are - no more worrying about what other people might think, say or do if you rose into the FULL, powerful, magnetic and inspiring version of you. 

The freedom to leave a job that no longer serves you, and create an income doing something that makes your soul fill with complete joy and fulfilment. 

The freedom to get out of your entrepreneurial rut, and rise higher into the elevated version of you that is magnetic, inspiring, and unstoppable. 

The freedom to become the leader you dream to become, in the career you love. 

The freedom to create an income well beyond what you can even believe is possible for you right now as you read these words - and faster than you'd think. 

The freedom to drop the heavy and hidden subconscious anchors holding you back, such as in your finances, spending, eating, or success self-sabotage patterns. 

The freedom to become that version of you you've met in your imagination. 

The freedom to become the best selling author of the book you know you have in you. 

The freedom to become the kind of woman that other people look up to, and are completely inspired by. 


Would you like that, beauty?

Good, because I'm here to guide you through you all of it. 

My clients I find are similar to me in many ways. They have a heart of service, they want to do meaningful work in the world by sharing their message and purpose to help elevate others. They are driven, passionate, coachable, go-getters. They have a degree of understanding that the most powerful work we could ever do to change our lives, begins from within. And the best thing we could ever do to serve others, is to lead by example - by transforming our selves first. They find ways to make things work, not excuses. They are willing to go beyond what's comfortable, invest in themselves even before they have the money, they are willing to feel the fear and do it anyway. 

These are my soul sisters. 

And these are their stories....

- Beth Joy has transformed her marriage through our work together in the Awakening program. By doing the inner work on herself, she has ultimately seen where the issues in her marriage were stemming from herself - as well as having more compassion for her husband, and slowly sharing with him everything she'd been learning as well so they can continue to grow together. She also joined me in a 6 month program, where she started her own coaching business even though she has 6 kids at home and two other side businesses - and started generating an income before the course was even finished. 

- Brittany H. finally understood why her business never rose above a certain level and began doing deep healing work with us in the Awakening Online. One of her biggest breakthroughs came when she attended the Awakening Live Event and went on to create her highest paying client of all time with 48 hours of the event ending - from her bed while vacationing in California. And from there, created her first record breaking 5 figure month in her business. 

- Amanda K. worked as a leader in a corporate career she loved and during our time 1x1 privately coaching, she was promoted to the exact dream position she had been thinking of creating for herself as a side business, as a team coach, leader and role model. Her income, happiness, and fulfilment soared - as did her ability to gracefully dance at one of her biggest ballroom dancing competitions. She also attended the Awakening Live Event, where she learned the root of where she's been holding herself back in her private life, and released years of emotion during this unburdening. Her energy is now almost indescribably light, radiant, beaming, and absolutely unstoppable... 

- Tara L. was a very driven and ambitious woman before meeting the man of her dreams and having two adorable babies together. As they reached toddler ages, Tara felt the desire inside of her to make a big impact in the world, supporting others who also desire freedom and happiness in their life. However huge fears, self doubts, inner critic and second guessing were at an all time high.  Tara attended the Awakening Live Event and found the clarity she needed as to why she was at a stand-still. Within a few short weeks, her confidence and clarity were at an all time high, and she created her first ever online program to support other women exactly the way she dreamed to. 

- Kelsey D. had two small kids of her own and was living in a land-locked area of Canada running her own bootcamp business. Having grown up on Vancouver Island, she longed for her family to experience the ocean. After private 1x1 coaching together, an investment she made just before Christmas when her hubby was at risk for losing his job and money scarcity was high - Kelsey was able to launch her fitness business online, and move her family to Costa Rica for a year. She's since been featured in magazines, and has started programs for the health and confidence of young girls as well. 

- Eva C. joined the 9-5 Escape Plan at a time when she was feeling a lost and uncertain of the direction she wanted to take in her life. Just a few months after completing the 6 month online program, she sent in this email - "Thanks for reaching out! I am doing so good! I have launched my own website and graphic design studio and am pairing it with business coaching! I'm filled up with clients and don't even have my own website up yet!! Feels so good to be in the flow and have found something I absolutely LOVE to do!"

- Meghan W. had been working with a network marketing company she loved, but was also ready to serve women outside of her network marketing clients. She joined our 6 month online program to learn about coaching, personal and spiritual development, and setting up an online business of her own. Before the course had even completed, Meghan was beaming with excitement and joy as she messaged us about creating her first 5 figure month doing something that absolutely LIGHTS her up. 

- Cindy E. signed up for private 1x1 coaching and soon after a 3 month online program with me as well - when all she knew was that her engineering career she'd worked so hard for had left her in a doctor's office being prescribed stress leave from work. Within one year, Cindy became clear on her purpose, started her business, and today enjoys multiple 5 figure months, speaking requests, and has started her own women empowering women in-person networking group.

- Kaycee M. joined me in the 6 month program the 9-5 Escape Plan, here's what she felt called to share - "Jennifer Jayde is one of the most incredible coaches I have ever worked with! Even though I was part of her group program it never felt like it. She was so present with every client that it felt as if the two of you were the only ones on the call. She easily finds the root of the problem you are having and then guides you toward what is best for you, your life, and your business. I am so grateful to have worked with her!" 

- Brittni C in her own words -  "I was about to quit on my dreams until I met Jennifer. Before working with Jennifer I dabbled in a few businesses and but something was missing, I wasn’t seeing the success I expected. I became overwhelmed, felt alone, stuck and lost. Something inside of me told me to try just one more time, one more time with Jennifer as something was pulling me to work with her…I did it, I took the leap and invested one more time into my dreams, my dream to have massive impact through my online business and I never looked back, the investment was PRICELESS and looking back now I feel like I got WAY more value then I paid for, her program blew me away!!! Let me tell you that was the most life changing experience of my life, I have never been so happy in my life. When I first invested to work with Jennifer I had zero income coming in, $6000 worth of debt and a wedding coming up but you know what, my gut was stronger than my ego holding me back. In the 3 months working with Jennifer I have brought my credit card back down to $0, paid for a full wedding, MOVED TO MY DREAM HOME near Kelowna, BC and invested to work with Jennifer for another 3 months. When you start taking risks, the universe will work with you and from there the possibilities are endless. Thank you Jennifer for changing my life, I can not wait to keep working with you and changing lives!" 

Laura C in her own words - "Since I found the courage to sign up for your program, you've changed my life in more ways you can ever know. All your hard work - the love, sweat, tears, and vulnerability that you poured into your program was felt. I was dumbfounded at your courage and just in awe of you. You literally took everything that had been waiting in my heart (for years!!!) and brought it to the world. It was like I was finally stepping into my power and becoming the woman I always knew I would be. There are just no words to describe it.
And the loving community that you created, one of which women cheer one another on and lift each other up, honestly just brings me to tears. Never in my life had I experienced anything so powerful. It has gotten me so far out of my comfort zone, but has opened my heart to living more in the flow of the Universe and trusting my intuition on a daily basis, and not just in times of desperation.

Everything you've done, I've cataloged and kept to refer back to later. You have shown me what is possible, far before I could even put my business into words. So in all of this, THANK YOU! Thank you for being who you are and for having the courage to say yes to your heart. You have paved the way for me, as well as everyone in the group and I can never thank you enough!"

- Danielle L was traditionally trained as a counsellor before realizing there was a bit more coaching and even spirituality teaching that was calling at her. She joined the Awakening online program and then immediately also signed up for my 6 month more intensive training directly following the Awakening. She went through a major transformation during this time, including starting her own online personal brand of coaching and spiritual teaching, working with paying clients, and finally stepping into her full truth and power, regardless of the thoughts and fears trying to hold her back. She set herself free. 

~ And the list goes on. There are hundreds more soul-success stories to share with you, beauty. The question is, will you become one of them... ~ 


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If this is possible for me, if it's possible in the world - it's possible for you.

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In a Nutshell...

Jennifer Jayde’s earliest memories are sharing a bedroom with her single mom in an illegal basement suite in a small town on Vancouver Island, Canada. It wasn’t long before she realized that they didn’t have much money, support, or any back-up plans to name. It was around this time Jennifer decided that anything she wanted in this life, she would go after for herself - and never rely on anyone else to give it to her, do it for her, or make it easy on her.

Time and time again, with the burden of MASSIVE SELF DOUBT on her back, Jen has gone well beyond her comfort zone to see what’s possible for her in this life - because she realized there’s something far worse to her than failing…

…to never know what could’ve been.

To reach her death bed with regret.

She first believed she would achieve the success she desired if she followed the traditional path. She started in Finance when she was 18 years old, and was a 100% commission based mortgage broker by the time she was 21.

Around age 25, Jen wondered if this was really as good as it would get. She had worked her ass off to get the house, convertible, condo, loving hubby and big wedding she thought would bring peace and happiness to her heart - and still something was missing.

There was some kind of void in her soul that money and traditional success were not filling.

At 26, Jen lost one of her closest family members as he succumbed to a 10 month battle with pancreatic cancer. She says that when he died, she decided to truly LIVE.

After yet another internal battle with massive fear and self-doubt, Jen transitioned from finance into her full-time dream business - Destination Wedding Photography.

Again through sheer force of will, determination, learning, working with mentors and flying to workshops on whatever credit cards had room, she cultivated a thriving, award winning Destination Photography Business in less than 3 years. She was being travelling to some of the most beautiful destinations in the world, including Italy, France, Spain, Australia and the Caribbean, and being paid to take pictures of one of the most beautiful days a couple would ever share together. It was a literal dream come true.

Until it wasn’t…

Just a few years in to her business, Jen went through the familiar tap on the shoulder (via discontentment, sadness, feeling stuck, lost, and passionless) that something else was meant for her now.

Through working with her own first coach, she realized it was now on her heart to help free as many souls as possible

from living a fear-based life - to a soul-based life.

One where you are living your purpose, utilizing your gifts, feeling powerfully aligned with what you were put on this earth to do, being an inspiration to countless others, and creating a limitless income and soul aligned life as a result.

Jen was not born into wealth, has never had any handouts, taken any shortcuts, or had any special connections, talents, or abilities she was innately born with. She has no degrees, no special training or education that puts her on any pedestal above anyone else.

The only thing that separates Jen, from anyone feeling unhappy, unsuccessful, drained, depleted, and not living up to their true potential in this life - is that she was willing to stretch massively beyond her comfort zone to get the support she needed, to create something she never had before.

She didn’t wait until the Universe manifested more money in her bank account, or gave her a sign that this was the right decision.

She trusted her gut!

She had to let go of her absolute fear of going further and further into debt in order to invest in the support she needed (and her dwindling bank account and growing debt at the time was simply proof that she needed the support more than ever). Her first coach was $650/month, the next was $25,000 USD for 6 months and then another $28,000 for another 6 months. Jen has currently invested over $100,000 into her own personal development and business training, for her coaching business alone (this does not include what she invested in her Photography business mentors, branding, workshops, retreats, etc, nor the investment into flying all over country to attend her network marketing events she spent 1 year doing).

As a result of moving forward despite massive fear, inner turmoil and heavy self-doubt, time and time again, Jennifer has now made her way to becoming a 2x Bestselling and Award Winning Author, International Speaker, and Leading Soul Aligned Success Coach for women who desire to inspire others, create massive impact, and live a soul aligned life, full-time. She’s nearing the $1m in sales mark in just the first 3 years of her Soul-Aligned business, while having left struggle, hustle and grind behind.

If living your dreams, creating a limitless income and Soul Aligned Life full-time is possible for this small town girl from Canada, with no handouts or head starts

- it’s possible for you, too.

Like a sling shot that must be pulled backwards first in order to gain the momentum to thrust forward, we must be willing to invest money we don’t yet have, go further into debt than we feel comfortable with, put our ego aside and ask for help from others,

and leap before the net appears.

If we wait until we’re feeling ready, safe, and comfortable, we’ll be waiting for the rest of our lives.

My question for you is -

are you done with waiting?

March 2015   

- height of the success of my destination photography business after already leaving a successful career in finance - feeling that familiar tap on the shoulder of discontentment, like I'm missing some key ingredient I still hadn't found yet

- decide to start working with a life coach to gain clarity, happiness and energy back

- deep dive even further into my old love of personal and spiritual development. Randomly decide to take Coaching Certification Program


August 2015

- have the epiphany that I myself would like to coach and guide other women that are feeling discontent within their own lives, into creating an exhilarating, meaningful, fulfilling life better than they could have ever believed was possible for them, like I had with destination wedding photography


October 2015  

- officially start my own personal brand of online coaching - no clue what I'm doing

 - hired my own private business coach for 6 months initially (invested $25k USD I did not have in savings)

 - signed up for a 6 month online training program as well (another $5k USD - this totals a lot for us Canadians) 

 - moved to my dream beach city, San Diego, California


"The shortest distance between where you are, and where you want to be, is finding someone who's already there, and learning as much as you possibly can directly from them..."


April 2016


- realized I had already done my first 6 figures in sales within the first 6 months of being in business

- also realized this was from hustling and grinding yet again, and I reached burn out and the realization this is not in alignment with the core message of my business and beliefs any longer 

- started my inward journey even more deeply now, continued to make another 6+ figures over the remaining 6 months of the year


August 2016

- out of the blue had the strong intuitive nudge to purchase my bucket list/vision board car - a white Range Rover Evoque - my first time ever owning a brand new vehicle


September 2016

- moved to a large 2 bed 2 bath condo with vaulted ceilings and all white everything in my dream location of La Jolla, California - about 5 years sooner than I ever dreamed possible


Dec 2016


- realized I had created nearly a quarter million in sales in my first year in business 




- surrendered the hustle and grind in favour of peaceful prosperity. Was terrified everything I'd worked for would just fizzle out. Instead, life surprised me by getting better and better. I had more fun with my husband in this year than we'd had in our 10 years together combined. And my business opportunities soared - without me even trying to make things happen. Continued to generate over a six figure income without hustle or grinding, and instead allowing my intuition and joy to lead the way


Jan 2017 - invited to be on a tv show for an interview in New York

Feb 2017 - invited to be on TV show in Canada also to be interviewed about what I do and how I help people

      - experienced my first official 6 figure launch

March 2017 - invited to contribute a chapter to a book for women about stepping into a life without limits

April 2017 - invited to be a guest speaker for an international luxury women's retreat for entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs

May 2017 - moved to a condo across the street from the beach - bucket list dream!

June 2017 - book was released, officially became an international best selling author

July 2017 - invited and decided to write my first solo book 

Oct 2017 - spent a week in the Caribbean as a paid guest speaker with some amazing soul sisters who flew in from as far as London and Canada to attend




- In even greater alignment now, hosted my first live event on my own that people flew from all over North America and even as far as Paris to attend, I worked with top level speaker trainers, and had some of the most fun in my life. Sometimes I sit back with tears in my eyes that this is the life I get to live, and that I get to help other women create their dream version of their Self and their Life as well...

- Started my own Podcast, the Soul Adventurer, ranked top 20 in Canada in the popular/saturated Self-Help category on ITunes

- Invited to be a keynote speaker for a Royal Bank of Canada event

- Invited to be a featured speaker for a live event with NatPark Collective in Vancouver BC

- Our book released in 2017 wins a Book Excellence Award!

- Featured in Rizing Magazine

- Launched my first tropical retreat, a literal dream come true!!!

2019 so far…

-invited to speak in Toronto, Canada for GBR Publishing House

- invited to speak to Lisa Michaud’s Mastermind - the GOALden Girls

- launched my first solo book, the Awakening, became a best selling author for the 2nd time, ranked #1 on Amazon as a Mover and Shaker our first launch day!

- won my second award as an Author, this time from GBR Publishing House 

- invited to Speak to the Women United Project  

- featured for the 2nd time in Rizing Magazine           

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It's  time for you to create the life you can look back on proudly and say to yourself "I lived..."

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Jennifer Jayde is the master at combining soul guided mindset work with powerhouse biz skills!
— Julie Rachelle
Your life and business will never be the same.
— Emily Williams
You’ve changed my life.
— Tara L
I have so much gratitude for everything you have taught me. Not only has my life been transformed... but the lives of my children and my husband.
— Beth J.
Honestly, just saying thank you isn’t enough. My life has changed so much since I met you - in a way that I had been starting to think was just a dream or fantasy. My hope is that I can change as many people’s lives as the universe allows me to, just like you’ve changed mine. I’m eternally grateful!
— Kristy V.
Having (Jennifer) in my corner has not only narrowed and clarified my vision more, she has elevated my life as a whole.
— Kelsey Davidson
How can I just say thank you? I feel like I’m living again and not just stumbling through life. So thank you a million times over. You are truly a beautiful soul who cares deeply for others and I can only hope to aspire to be as caring and compassionate as you one day!!
— Alysia J.
I’m having so much momentum in my business I’m literally in disbelief it’s happening!
— Brittany H.
Jennifer Jayde is a breathe of fresh air, she is a beautiful soul, an angel, and just WOW. I can’t tell you how much she GETS me and it is SO unreal! Just ONE session with her and I am buzzing!!
— Sarah Griffiths
When this (program) started up again, March was my biggest month in sales... I made a sale every single day that month - and it was like 90% passive.
Just being in Jen’s energy causes me to feel more magnetic. Can you relate to this? I’m sure many of you can - which is why you resonate with her.
Let’s take a moment to celebrate the awesomeness that is Jennifer Jayde! She’s such an inspiration. Love ya, Jen!
— Lindsey Madison
I second what Lindsey Madison shared! Jen’s energy, positivity, her vibrance, her wisdom - just gives me chills!
— Eva Collins
I have progressed more in Self than anywhere else yet!!
— Tracy K
Working with Jen has has opened up a whole new life for me! I feel major positive shifts in my life. I made decisions I wouldn’t have without the clarity I discovered through working with Jen. I feel Spiritually Awakened - literally.
— B.L.
A mere 48 hours after a live event with Jen, I signed my highest paid client ever (and HIGHEST month in sales to date after being in biz for 4 years) I’m still riding the wave! Jen - your work is so profound - you are an angel and a true beautiful soul who genuinely helps guide us to step into the highest version of ourselves <3 Eternally grateful.
— Brittany H.
If you have an opportunity to work with Jen... TAKE IT! Working with her was an experience in freedom and expansion! I was able to dig deep and shed some very deeply held fears I didn’t even realize were holding me back! What an amazing experience! I’m so grateful that I listened to my soul and made it happen... when we leap the net appears!
— B. Joy Swain

Official Bio

Jennifer Jayde is an internationally, 2x time bestselling and award winning Author, International Speaker and Worldwide Soul Aligned Success Coach for Aspiring and Existing Entrepreneurs. She has been featured in notable Magazines, interviews and podcasts internationally, appeared on television in both Canada and the USA, and spoken in front of many captivated audiences. She’s also the host of the Soul Adventurer podcast, which has ranked top 20 on Apple Podcasts in Canada in the popular Self-Help category.

As seen (or heard) on the Inspirational 30 TV Show, Commando Coach TV Show, The Huffington Post, THRIVE Global, Rizing Magazine, It Girl Radio, I Heart My Life with Emily Williams, Countless Interviews and Summits, Featured Guest Speaker at the Wanderpreneur International Retreat, RBC Royal Bank of Canada Keynote Speaker, Featured Guest Speaker at the GBR Publishing House Awards, Syndicated on Sony, Sharp, Apple TV, LG and Samsung. Also featured on multiple Youtube platforms, the 3 Day Workweek Podcast, the Mind Over Matter Podcast, the Rachel Varga Podcast, the Women United Project and more…

Jennifer Jayde’s greatest joy is in freeing others to live their most soul-aligned life successfully and abundantly. Specializing in aspiring and existing entrepreneurs, Jennifer’s gift is to zone in and pinpoint the exact root causes you’ve not yet created the fullest expression of your desired income, potential, lifestyle and business - help you excavate out those soul anchors once and for all - and catapult you forward into the life and business your soul is yearning for. This is living a Soul-Aligned Life full-time - and this is what Jennifer was put on this earth to help you with…

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