What We Will Be Doing

  • Enjoy the Breathtaking drive between the glacial mountains and the endless ocean view on your way to Whistler (shuttles available) Bring your camera, you’ll be taking TONS of pics.

  • Arrive to our spacious, luxury villa with tons of cozy spaces, huge windows looking out to the scenic views, and tons of natural light pouring in to lift your spirits

  • Relax and settle in to your room with a plush bed, fresh towels, and slip into your comfy pants and warm fuzzy socks

  • For those who find the outdoors refreshing for their soul, we’ll do a nature walk/hike to break the ice together in a stunning location that will revitalize all of your senses from the inside out

  • The majority of our time together will be spent coaching with me, learning new spiritual practises to take home with you, overcoming your specific limiting beliefs/weeds, clarifying the Highest path ahead for you and what steps exactly your soul is guiding you to take.

  • There will be leisure time at lunch and in the evenings to explore, connect, journal, shop the village, whatever you like. Share a deep conversation with me, your new soul sisters, or refresh in some moments of solitude on your own.

  • Weather and transportation permitting, I’d love to take us to see 1-2 breathtaking sights even most locals have never seen. One involves a bright turquoise lake, the other, a massive enchanting waterfall.