Feeling Stagnant | A Quick Shift

Hello beautiful!

I just finished up a hard leg day over at the Fitness Academy and I had an idea that I really wanted to share with you. It's about getting out of moving in circles and finally breaking through and moving forward. You feel like you've been moving in cycles, you've been chasing your own tail maybe or having a kind of ground hog day, but it's lasting a week or a month or a year.

There's this idea that just got implanted in my mind. I really want to share it with you and it is very simple, but if you practice it, I know you'll have profound change in your life. It'll just be a *bing* light bulb moment.

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Do not skip over what you really, really want for you right now.

We can get so easily distracted, persuaded to succumb to a temporary pleasure, a temporary distraction, a temporary source of (maybe even false) happiness when really it's keeping us from creating the big picture, intention or desire.

Here's an obvious example, just so this really hits home. Say you have this goal of losing weight; you've got this nutrition plan and fitness plan, but you feel like having an ice cream treat right now, so you have one... and then maybe a little later you feel like having a handful of chips, so you have them... and these are things that you really want in the moment and when you're eating it feels really good and you have this temporary sense of joy. But is that really aligned with your longterm vision, your long term intention or desire or goal?

I'm not saying give up all of those things and you have to be totally perfect and everything you ever do has to be 100% aligned with the big picture.

What I'm asking you, or what I'm inviting you to explore in your own life, is have you been succumbing to too many of those temporary sources of happiness to the point that it is prolonging your big picture, goal, intention, desire, dream? 

If you're growing a business, maybe you have been doing the things that bring you temporary happiness but aren't aligning you with the big picture goal or intention. Maybe it's in your job or maybe it's in training for a marathon or anything where you have a big picture dream.

If you want to have a certain dollar amount in your savings account, maybe you want to buy a home or move to a nicer place or whatever it is, then are the majority of your actions aligned with that bigger picture or are they more aligned with what you want in the moment?

I hope that makes sense.

It's about not skipping over what you want in the future for what you want right now. 

Follow Your Heart Always,

Jennifer Jayde Spencer