Is The Universe Giving You A Sign?

Hey beauty,

I failed.

I failed. I hired a new fitness coach, I failed, and I want to tell you all about it.

The first task that I was given was to take in five days of cardio. Now I'm not going to be doing five days of cardio every week, but to kick things off and to jumpstart my body, she said five days of Cardio.

Last week I did not do five days of cardio, and it wasn't because I couldn't. There was nothing preventing me. I just didn't do it. I did four and I said to myself, you know what? I can do better.

There's a difference here because some people will fail the first time, it won't be done perfect, or things will take longer than they think and they will believe it's a sign from the universe that they're just not cut out for this.

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Maybe they just can't do this. Maybe they're not meant for it.

And that's where 80 percent of people (I just made up that number) will just throw in the towel. 

"Well, the universe doesn't want this for me, it's giving me a sign. I can't do this. It's not meant for me, whatever it is."

But there's some people who will say, you know what? I can do better and there's a new week and there's a new start.

And so I'm happy to report, I just moments ago finished five days in a row of cardio.

I'm super happy. I'm super proud of myself, but it just really had me thinking about my clients that I work with. 

People that I observed that are starting new jobs, new businesses, new fitness routines, whatever it is, and when it's taking longer than they think or the results are taking longer than they want they believe that they're failing or the universe is giving them some kind of a sign that this isn't meant for them or that they're no good or they're not good enough.

Then they start to beat themselves up and their self worth tanks because they've attached their self worth to these results and it's just really sad because they - you have a gift in your heart.

You have a message you're meant to share.

You have a purpose that you're meant to give to the world and to enjoy it and to love it and to feel fulfilled and on fire and excited and love your life. And if it takes a little longer than you thought or it doesn't seem to be working out in the way that you thought it was going to be, it's not a sign that you're meant to quit.

It's not a sign that you're meant to give up.

It's to see are you interested or are you committed? An interested person will find an excuse. A committed person will find a way.

Follow Your Heart, Always

Jennifer Jayde Spencer