Are You Being Deceived?

Hello beautiful,

I just wanted to pop in here with a quick message around whether you are being deceived or misled.

And not just from outside people but from yourself.

Now stick with me for a second because it dawned on me yesterday ~

I was celebrating at a late birthday BBQ with my family and my mom, sisters and I are all into spiritual work and growth, and we're fascinated by all things metaphysical. My mom had this beautiful clear quartz crystal and myself, my husband, my sisters and their boyfriends were kind of playing around with being able to close our eyes and sense where the crystal was.

For example, was the crystal under our right hand or left hand? Or, if someone would run it by the other person's hand, they had to guess when it was right under their palm and say 'stop.'

Awakening Live (78 of 94).jpg

A couple of fun things like this just for giggles and I realized when I was taking my turn that I would have two responses.

I would have a gut instinct. I would have a sensation, an energetic kind of feeling that was very subtle

and then the secondary one would be, "but I think it's actually over here", or "would you put it in this hand?" Or "which hand did he or she already do, so maybe they've got it over in this hand now".

And I realized this is just like anything in life, including business. If you're an entrepreneur it's that first instinct is the right one. (And for anyone wondering, I did get it right all three times in a row.)

But I noticed that every time I was very tempted to listen to what my head was mentally telling me to choose or trying to figure out what it rationally might be, and I lived a lot in my life that way.

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Listening to my head,

listening to what was the rational right decision or the logical decision and making my life choices that way (and my daily miniscule choices that way) and I ended up unhappy. 

So more and more I've been practicing letting my instincts, letting my intuition, letting my gut feeling, letting my inner guide lead me in the right direction (even when my head does not understand or does not agree). 

I trust my inner instinct, which is usually that first gut instinct.

That's the direction I go and I have never, ever, ever been let down, disappointed or deceived. Whereas my mind has deceived me many, many, many, many times.

I just wanted to share that with you today.

I love you. Have an amazing rest of your day. 

Jennifer Jayde Spencer