Tired of Waiting?

Hey beautiful!

I had this thought I had to share with you today -

it was about everything you want only being one decision away.

I know that feels like it's too easy, too simplistic to be believable, but bear with me for a moment. Think of everything you want right now. What is it? Do you want a higher salary? Do you want more money and more income in your business? Do you want more clients? Do you want more freedom? Do you want more vacation time, more adventure, more love in your life?

What is it that you want?

If you think about it for a moment, take it one step further, what do you think those things or experiences are going to bring you?

Most of the time it's one of two things.

Jennifer SD (22 of 59).jpg

It's going to bring you joy or inner peace, right?

It's not the piece of paper we want. It's not the actual money - that piece of paper, the coins or the dollar amount being reflected back to us on the screen. It's the feeling that we believe we're going to have once we have it. Once we have the bigger bank account or more money or more clients or more income or even more freedom, more adventure, more vacation time, we feel like it's going to either wash over us with joy or this sense of inner peace where we can be free from worry,


I remember when I was so much about the hustle and grind and making more money and being successful, it was all because I wanted to be free of worry,

free of fear,

and all of this can actually be one decision away.

Experience the joy now.

Now, regardless of what's in your bank account or what's not in your bank account, regardless of how much debt you have or don't have, regardless of all of those things, you can have inner peace.

Now, if you decide to have it, if you decide that everything is always working out for you, everything is always going to be okay.

As Marie Forleo says, 'everything is always figured out-able', and if we're waiting until our debt is at zero and our bank account has $10,000,000 in it, and everything around us is perfect before we're happy, before we have inner peace, before you experienced joy, well, we're going to be waiting for the rest of our lives.

Make the decision to enjoy inner peace now, to enjoy joy now, not to be dependent on certain circumstances coming into your life.

I hope you love your life every minute of everyday, regardless of outside circumstances.

I love you. Have an amazing rest of your day. I'll see you next time.

Jennifer Jayde Spencer