What's Happening Lately

One of the things that I trained on in the Awakening Live event has been creating magic or consistent coincidences (if you even believe in coincidences). 

I was so excited about it, it was the first thing I told my husband and I came home. 

"Oh my gosh, you would not believe I had one girl manifest a new laptop! I had another one who wanted to have a 10k month or her first 10k month as an online entrepreneur and within 48 hours of the event she manifested her first highest paying client and it was $2,200 away from her first 10k month within the first few days of June! 

Myself and the person I was traveling with, Allison, were upgraded to business class flights on the way home without even asking. 

And I had another client who, when she went to pay for her flights, they had suddenly dropped in price while another one who was wishing that her flights would be delayed so that she could stay longer had, just as we were about to hug to say goodbye, got a text saying 'Enjoy your extra time in San Diego. Your flight's been delayed.'

So, you know, my husband's pretty open. He's not super out-there spiritual, but he's pretty open and he was listening (and I think he was actually falling asleep because it was late at night.)

He didn't tell me that he actually started implementing what I shared with him.

Yesterday while we were at lunch, we're just so grateful to be able to go to lunch together in the middle of the day, the middle of the week, and have Mexican food or favorite food out of nowhere. 

$10,000 was given to him and it had nothing to do with work. 

He didn't earn it. 

He didn't work hard for it. 

He didn't make it happen. 

It dropped in his lap while we were enjoying lunch together.

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I wanted to share this with you because this is the kind of stuff that I teach. 

This is the kind of thing, if you really want to have breakthrough levels of success, of income, of happiness, of freedom, of purpose in your life. 

This is what I teach and I teach it inside of The Awakening, and you can learn more about it inside the Savvy Soul Sisters group. 

I love you. I'm wishing you the most amazing day and I'll talk to you next time.

Jennifer Jayde Spencer