On A Journey For Bettering Yourself and Your Life?

Hey beautiful!

I wanted to remind you that it's okay if not everyone understands you or the vision or the desires that you have in your life.

When I had ticked all the check boxes on the list in my own life: the house, the car, the career (I was working in finance nine to five) it started to dawn on me that I really wanted to see what would be possible if I did what I really wanted to do.

At the time that was travelling the world and taking photos for a living. I wanted to be a destination wedding photographer, so I had to face a lot of fears and my own mind. A lot of worries - really, really big scary monsters in my own mind.

So when I would share this with family members or friends, the moment that they showed any kind of concern or worry or doubt, it almost sank me every time. 

Jen (39 of 68).jpg

Any little "Oh yeah, that sounds great, Jen" or I had one family member even say "Don't quit your day job." Those things were crushing and I'm actually amazed that I went ahead and left my nine to five and started my photography business anyway because it was so terrifying. I was so filled with self doubt - even more anytime anyone else was even a little doubtful too.

I can't believe it didn't sink my ship - but it didn't.

I want to give you this reminder that the vision you have in your soul and in your heart was given to you. Only you can see it. Not everyone around you is going to understand what the desires are in your heart, or what it is you want to create and why.

It may be your spouse who doesn't understand. It may be your parents who don't understand. It may be your friends who don't understand.

What I want to drop in here and remind you of is that it's okay if people don't understand your vision, your desires.

They were given to you for a reason, for you to explore, for you to unpack not anyone else. That's why they don't always understand because the vision wasn't given to them.

It was given to you.

Trust in yourself, trust in your intuition.