3 Minutes to Rewrite Your Reality from Today Forward

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Hey beautiful, 

Lately I've been having some really great conversations and there's something I really want to share with you. It's around having these repeating patterns in our life that are no longer serving us and finding the way to release them once and for all.

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For example - if you have a pattern in your life of running out of money or going into debt, and as soon as you get one step forward, it's like you take two steps back with a surprise tax bill, a surprise car repair, or this family member needs help. Maybe it's in relationships. Maybe things are going well in your relationship and then something happens and you go right back down to fighting and arguing and being distant. Or maybe you keep dating the same jerk over and over and over again with a different name.

This is how we can tell that there is a pattern in our life. There's a subconscious belief, a subconscious story, a subconscious tape being played that is no longer serving us, and it's leading to these repeating patterns showing up in our lives. Whether it's financial or relationship or health wise - these are clues that there's a subconscious pattern, a subconscious story, at play.

So how do we get rid of those? Well, the first and biggest thing you could do is notice that they're even there to begin with. Noticing those repeating patterns.

Another clue is when something really triggers or upsets you. If someone says something and you take it really personally or it stings, it hurts, in some way. It doesn't mean that what they did didn't hurt, but there's a reason why it's really triggering you. That's worth exploring.

The next step is to start to rewrite the story.

Press stop on the tape that's playing.

Stop on the backwards finances.

Stop on the unhealthy relationship.

Stop on the self-sabotage when it comes to our health and rewrite the story.

Start using I am statements. I am healthy. I am loved. I am worthy of great love. Take these things  and start listening to them on repeat. Create a recording on your phone, a paragraph of these new stories, these new tapes you want to play. Create a paragraph of them, repeat them in the voice recorder on your phone eight times and listen to it every single morning between snooze buttons.

The power of repetition on the subconscious mind will change your life.