What I Do When I'm Stuck

Hey beauty!

I had such an outpouring of love and gratitude after last week's divinely guided love letter on releasing responsibility for other people's feelings, that I knew I had to follow up with another divinely inspired love letter for you this week. 

This one comes on the heels of a soul lesson that took me nearly 4 years to truly integrate into my being. 

In fact, I went into my private facebook soul community last night and did another spontaneous live training on what I'm about to share with you today. If you prefer to see this soul shifting message in video, feel free to click here.


You see , 4 years ago I was faced with the biggest ultimate betrayal I had ever experienced from a trusted family member. Or so I thought...

Of all of my many, mannnny family members, this particular family member and I were the closest. She had experienced a devastating time in her life, and I went to the ends of the earth to be there for her. Only to have her willingly and intentionally cause hurt and pain in my life, and the lives of my mom and younger sisters. 

This has been my perception, at least. 

Over the last 4 years I've been curious about forgiveness, what that means, what that looks like for me in my particular situation, and whether or not I was capable of  true forgiveness in this case. 

My lessons came to me in layers over time: 



  • The first and most surface one, was that forgiveness does not mean that I am okaying what this person did, or agreeing that it was right or good. 


  • The second was that, I do not have to be able to understand this person's actions, or even be able to find any way of justifying them, in order for forgiveness to be possible


  • And the third came to me at an even deeper level.  This is an advanced spiritual concept, that I trust I am being guided to share with you for a reason. I recorded it in a 1 minute audio initially just for myself - but now feel very strongly called to share it with you today: Click HERE to listen to the 1 minute soul shifting audio recording

I know what you might be thinking - "Jen, why are you writing to me about forgiveness?"

And the truth is, it's because when we become the most free, clear, and awakened version of ourselves - we become empowered to be a beacon of light, hope, and possibility for others. 

I work tirelessly in bettering myself from the inside out, because I know that I cannot lead others further than I myself have gone...and I have a feeling, , you enjoy uplifting others, too <3

Follow Your Heart Always

Jennifer Jayde Spencer