How To Uncover Your Gifts


Hello my fellow Awakener!

After the HUGE response to last week's soul letter announcing the Awakening Live Event, I realized that there are so many of us soul sisters truly ready to release what's holding us back from flying even higher as leaders, entrepreneurs, and inspiring life impactors. 

So today, beauty, I wanted to share with you exactly how I've been able to identify my gifts, and share them more and more powerfully with the world. 

Would you like that? 

It may not be what you think. You see, I wasn't born with any innate gifts, talents or extraordinary abilities. I never had any handouts, head starts, and in fact, I still don't have a college degree! 

But what I do have, is a strong desire to serve others in a way that's meaningful and joyful - and in doing so, create a limitless life for myself as a result. 

Maybe you can relate?

- Whether you're in a 9-5 job that no longer fits you and desire to create more freedom and fulfilment in your life doing something meaningful that you love  - and actually get paid for it...

- Or are an Entrepreneur who desires to uplevel her Self, Her Soul, Her Impact - and therefore uplevel her business, audience, clients and income...

- Or are partnered with a kickass network marketing company and are ready to lead a team movement of your own...

It's important to know WHY someone would follow you, WHAT makes you stand out, and more importantly - HOW to have the COURAGE to BE that person.  


Now that I've started 3 businesses(award winning destination wedding photography, nutrition based network marketing, and finally, my online coaching brand and platform I have now) - and after spending nearly a decade as a young mortgage broker that was 100% commission based in a primarily middle aged male old boys club industry - I can say it's taken me well over 10 years to have the courage and knowledge I have now, to understand who I am, and know what I bring to the table.

But it doesn't have to be that way for you, beauty...

While it's virtually impossible for me to be able to reach out and tell you specifically what your gifts are through a one-sided email like this, let's see if we can make a little magic today...

Grab a piece of paper and pen, or use the notes section on your phone; {no skipping ahead, and no skimming through if you truly want the benefits of this gift-uncovering exercise}

1) Describe in full detail the Highest and Best version of you. What does she wear? What does she look like? How does she feel when she wakes up in the morning? What does she do in the face of fear? What kind of action is she willing to take in her life? What would she be doing right now, that you're not? 

2) Describe in full detail the most Unapologetic version of you. If you didn't worry about what other people thought of you, what would you be doing now that you're not currently? What would you be doing differently? What would you be doing more of? What would you speak more about? What would you want to learn, teach, and share more about? What parts of you have you been dimming from the world? In what ways have you been playing small?

3) List all the reasons below, without judgement of yourself or others - why you are not playing FULL OUT in your life, your business, your career, your company right now; 

Now can I ask you a question?

If you could release everything you listed in question #3 - would you become a more unapologetic version of you? 

If you could become a more unapologetic version of you, would you then be free to rise into the Highest Version of you? The woman who speaks her truth, owns her power, and serves others straight from her soul, in a way that's meaningful to her?

Here's a little surprise for you. 

You stepping into the highest and best version of you - IS your gift to the world.

By you becoming all that you desire to become, you will effectively rise, shine, and inspire others - by being a living breathing example of what's possible. 

You will also speak the truth that people need to hear,  align with your soul's greatest strengths, passion and enthusiasm, and share them unapologetically with the world.

What do you think - would that feel fulfilling, freeing, and empowering?!

Would it feel like you were finally sharing your gifts (even more powerfully) with the world?

Do you think this would help you in;

- leaving your 9-5 for good? 
- upleveling your business in an exciting way?
- creating a powerful movement of your own within your NWM team?

Would you like to see what's possible for you, if you were to truly, (and I mean TRULY) step into your gifts, full blast - in whatever time that you have left on the planet? 

The answer is anything...

Follow Your Heart Always,

Jennifer Jayde Spencer