Hello my beautiful soul sister !

I thought I was going to EXPLODE waiting to share this BIG NEWS with you!!!!!!

You see back in 2014 when I was feeling lost on my journey, wondering if I would ever feel excited, happy and fulfilled with my life again, I started meditating for the first time.

This was right around the time it'd been a few years since I left my 9-5 for good, and had been running my childhood dream business of destination wedding photography. My business was thriving, and yet my passion and excitement were starting to drain out of me, and I thought I might find it again in a network marketing company who's products I loved (and still use!). 

I loved the culture, the positive people, the anything-is-possible atmosphere, the personal development and the idea of being of meaningful service to others in some way.

So I was gung-ho about customizing my own brand around the products, and was starting to build my own website for it.

So here I am, throwing my self full force into what I'm creating next, and exploring meditation for further clarity and guidance along the way.

I started with guided meditations online, and one of the first times I tried it, I had this vision play on a movie screen in my mind's eye, that I would be hosting empowering retreats and live events in beautiful places, like the beaches of Southern California, and Hawaii.


I was dumbfounded because I had no clue what this had to do with the products I was going to be marketing, but I never ever forgot it.

It turns out network marketing wasn't my destination, it was my stepping stone to what I do now - empower others to live a life true to their soul.

Jen (20 of 68).jpg

And finally, as my random meditation vision had shown me 4 years ago, the time has come for me to host my very own LIVE 2 Day Soul Growth Experience in my absolute dream location. 

If you'd like the details, feel free to click here. But be sure to hurry - there were only 20 spots to begin with, and once my existing clients caught wind I was going to be offering this, they started pre-ordering their spots! 

I have no idea how much longer these remaining spaces will be available, but if you resonate with what you see here - be sure to take immediate action on behalf of your soul - it will never steer you wrong! 

And as Marie Forleo says - everything else is figureoutable. 

I run my life in this way, trusting my gut and taking action while the opportunity still exists - and it has served me extremely well.

If you're called to be one of my 20 Awakened Soul Sisters - I will see you there, ! Awaiting my hug from you :-) 


Follow Your Heart Always,

Jennifer Jayde Spencer