Get Over Yourself

Hello my beautiful soul sister, 

Get Over Yourself  was one of the most gut-punching things my coach ever said to me. 

And yet, it was exactly what I needed to slap myself out of the fears holding me back from moving forward with my dreams. 

I was creating something new to offer for the first time (a video series) and I was concerned with how I sounded, if I said 'um' too many times, the lighting, I didn't feel as though I looked my best, wasn't super confident, etc...

What I realized was, this had nothing to do with me, and everything to do with my message, my calling to be of service to others in a way that felt meaningful, powerful, and aligned to me. 

So I dropped the bs fears of what others would think of me, how they might judge or perceive me, whether or not I was good enough to be sharing this message or if the message itself was good enough or not...and just put it out there.

Jen (58 of 68).jpg

Man that felt good!!! Just to do it!! To release it and to actually receive feedback from others that it was helping them. Wow <3

Time and time again being an entrepreneur has pushed me to go well beyond my comfort zone. To stretch and grow in ways once unimaginable to me.

Starting and owning my own business has been the biggest and best form of personal and spiritual growth I have ever been on.

And it really isn't just about me and what makes me happy (though yes, please do prioritize your JOY! Even when fear is trying to get in the way <3 ) 

Yesterday I surprised my mom and sisters with booking flights to NYC for a Christmas weekend together. My mom has never been, and Miracle on 34th Street was always her favourite holiday movie as a kid. So we're taking her to Macy's, the Rockefeller Christmas tree, the outdoor ice skating rink, central park, Broadway shows etc...

And, as the Universe would have it, we're actually staying right on 34th Street.

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What I'm saying is, when you take the focus off of yourself and your ego-created fears (illusions that feel real), and start focussing on how everyone else around you could benefit if you moved forward with your dreams, your mission, your message - you will start moving forward with so much more ease. 

If there's something that's been on your heart to do, to begin, to grow, or to do in a bigger more bolder way - focus away from what could go wrong, and starting attaching to all the lives that could be positively touched if you stepped forward regardless of your own fears.

Strangers that would be inspired by that very act alone. Your words that someone so much needs to hear. 

The financial and time freedom you could begin to create while doing something you love - how would this increased sense of happiness and freedom affect your marriage, your kids, your parents, your siblings, your co-workers, your aquaintences? 

Just imagine the ripple effect you would create, if you inspired even 1 person, who then inspired their family, and then the family members went on to inspire another family each etc multiply that by the hundreds/thousands/millions/billions of people you can actually reach now thanks to the internet and social media.

If you're ready to play big for 2018, remember it's not just about you.

Keep Shining, 

Jennifer Jayde Spencer