I Bet You Didn't Know...

Hey beauty!

I've realized there's some things I've never shared with you before! 

I was just driving home a couple nights ago from watching the Justin Timberlake concert on tv (some were calling it the Superbowl?!) and I was in an ultra good mood listening to some random songs I hadn't heard in a long time - likely inspired by JT playing his throwback jams earlier that day. (Don't you love when that happens?)

And as I was singing along to everything from JT to Tupac, it hit me. 

I share a lot about my story, my upbringing, my hurdles, and the life I have today - but there's some fun facts I don't think I've ever told you. 

Wanna see if we have any in common?

Screen Shot 2018-03-14 at 8.19.47 PM.png

You may know that my earliest memories are of me and my mom living in a basement suite together and sharing a bedroom while she turned the only other bedroom into her own esthetics salon...

You may also know that I started hustling (mostly from a fear based place of lack) when I was 5 years old with kool-aid stands.

But you may not have known that the little window behind me in the bottom left corner of this house was the bedroom in our basement suite home that housed my mom's first business - Jentri Esthetics and Permanent Makeup. (Jentri stands for Jennifer and Tricia!) Her rise from a little old basement suite to becoming one of the top destinations in Western Canada for permanent makeup would inspire me to go after my own entrepreneurial dreams.

Screen Shot 2018-03-14 at 8.20.17 PM.png

And also saved me from my over-plucked, thin eye brows from my high school days thanks to her permanent makeup prowess. 

Thanks Mom!

Here's a few more! 

  • I am the oldest of 6 with 5 younger siblings
  • I was an only child for the first 10 years of my life
  • One of my sisters followed in my footsteps into photography, and is now an international Personal Brand Photographer, Fashion Photographer and Creative Director, and has been published in magazines more times than I can count! (If you're curious, you can check her out here!)
  • Another one of my sisters is a legit movie star! She too has been in more movies and tv shows than I can count! (If you're curious, you can check her out here!)
  • I get asked my ethnicity quite often - and I still don't have an answer 
  • I am Clairaudient primarily, though often my Clairs will mimic what is most dominant for the person I'm communicating with
  • When I meet people in person, they're often surprised to learn I am 5'2"
  • I am a Gemini, and was born on a full moon. 
  • I sometimes have my birthdays on Friday the 13th. Aside from a car accident when I was 3 on my Friday the 13th birthday, the rest have all been pretty good luck :) 
  • I've been married 10 years (to this stud and amazing supporter in dream creation) coming up this August - marriage is my 2nd biggest path and eye opener to personal growth and spiritual development, with Entrepreneurship being #1
  • I love rap music! Since I was 12 years old. 
  • I feel eternally grateful I got to see Wayne Dyer speak live in person in 2012 before his passing in 2015
  • My favourite book of all time - The Untethered Soul by Michael A Singer
  • Current fav song - Glorious by Macklemore
  • I thoroughly enjoy weight training (mixed with plyo) of any kind of exercise, and find it to be just as beneficial as a mind trainer and energy releaser as it is good for the physical body
  • I consider myself a dessert connoisseur! (Not sure if this is a good thing or  a bad thing!)
  • I have a fur baby, a long haired Chihuahua, named Asia. I love her with my whole soul, and I'm pretty convinced she was a queen in another life. 
  • The biggest lesson I've learned recently is that if you are bold enough to let go of the hustle and grind, and allow joy to be your inner compass (and trust it even though you don't know where it's taking you) - you will actually allow a life to unfold far greater than you could've ever forced to happen logically on your own, no matter how hard you work for it. 

Well , could you relate to any of these? Comment and let me know which ones stood out most! I'm curious to see what we have in common :)

Jennifer Jayde Spencer