Soul Shaking Awakening

Jennifer Jayde

Hello my beautiful soul sister!

I’ve been experiencing a lot of shifts lately, and I knew I had to share this one with you - especially if you’re feeling disconnected from your power, your truth, your motivation and/or your inspiration right now…

Because it wasn’t long ago I was feeling the same. 

I was ignited beyond belief when I first started my coaching business 1.5 years ago - so excited that I even found myself enjoying waking up early! (Anything before 8:30am is not usually my deal..)

My message that it’s possible to leave a soul dimming job and trust your soul guidance instead, had me more fired up than I’d ever experienced in my life! 

Then a few months in, my incredibly fired up, purpose driven clients wanted to know all about how to turn their own message into a business. 

Having been in charge of creating my own income for nearly 10 years by then, I was happy to help. 

And here is where my bathtub full of joy, inspiration and fulfilment began slowly leaking out, little by little. 

I didn’t even notice at first, though it wasn’t long before I could feel something wasn’t quite right. 

I was beginning to feel less and less inspired, less and less ignited, less and less like I wanted to spring out of bed each morning.

But I just couldn't put my finger on why… 

Until recently.

I explain in this video where I went wrong, how I pulled myself out of this, and how my ‘bathtub’ is now overflowing with inspiration, creative ideas for my Self and my business, and a whole renewed sense of excitement about my present and future. 

I’m feeling more FIRED UP than ever, beauty, and I couldn’t wait to share with you how I reconnected to this inner flame!

Would you like to feel this way too?

Click below to watch..

Or if you prefer to listen later, you can do this here:


You were born to lead in a way that only you can, with an energy and light that only you have. 

Let’s both make a commitment that from this day forward, neither of us will ever dim that message down again. 

Love you girl. Sisters for life! <3 

Follow Your Heart Always,    

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