My Joy Was Leaking Out...

My beautiful soul sister ,

I decided that 2017 would be a year focussed on joy rather than achievement in business. I still whole heartedly loved my business, but somehow my joy had been leaking out and I needed to figure out where the hole was. 

Or rather, I needed to figure out where the WHOLE was.


I didn't turn my back on my business - but I wasn't relying on it to fulfil me either. 

I wanted to experience joy even outside of my business, so I went on a trip to Hawaii with my Mom, Sisters, Stepdad and Husband, even during the tail end of a launch (typically the most important days of a launch!)

I hiked the Na'poli Coast Trail, taking Graham (my hubby) to experience it for his first time. I showed him my happiest place in all the world, a certain rock bluff on Kauai.

I slept until my body felt rested each morning.

I learned Transcendental Meditation and practised it every morning.

I got back into working out after foregoing it to 'have more time' for my business.

I repaired relationships and learned a lot about myself.

I let things go that were holdingme wayyyyy further back than I had realized. 

I stood on my own two feet in my business for the first time without a business coach holding my hand or telling me what to do.

I cleaned up my finances and cleared up debt with the help of an incredible Money Coach - felt as good as cleaning out a messy closet! It's not harming you but it's a nagging sensation that weighs you down in the back of your mind a bit!

Jennifer Jayde

I went on the Price is Right - a childhood dream!

I went Paragliding for the first time off the beach cliffs in San Diego.

I had a blast in NYC with my sister, went shopping for her birthday.

My other sister came to California and we had so much fun going to the Santa Monica Pier, eating Ice Cream and going to different beaches along the SoCal coast.

I moved to a new city and watch the sun set over the ocean every night.

And the other day I wondered if I had been lazy in my business during all this time I was focussing on joy. 

Because I hadn't felt stressed or overwhelmed or even counting the dollars in my bank account each month...

Jennifer Jayde with sunset backdrop

So I sat down and I made a list of everything that I had accomplished and achieved in my business since January 2017 that I am proud of or grateful for...and the list was 3x as long as it would have been for 2016. 

And yet in 2016 I was stressed, burned out and overwhelmed quite a bit of the time.

I am convinced more than ever that if all we did was truly and unapologetically focus on joy (and yes, moved through any fears that get in our way of experiencing it and creating it in it's fullest expression).

That the rest of our wants, desires and needs will be fulfilled beyond our wildest expectations. 

That what we focus on expands. So if we could find small ways to experience and remain in joy today, we will experience it more tomorrow and so on and so on. 

And then one day you look back and think - WOW - I did all that?! And it was FUN?!?! 

Coming from one over-achieving, recovering type A perfectionist - this is both the most free, AND the most successful, I have ever felt <3

And I share this because, if you desire to feel both peaceful AND prosperous, please know that it is possible, and it is waiting for you <3 <3

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