Intuitive Session - Can't Believe I Did This!!

Jennifer Jayde

Hello my beautiful soul sister , 

What I'm about to share with you is the most vulnerable, most deep part of myself I've ever shared online before - by far.


...And I considered myself to be a pretty open person already...

It all started when a couple of weeks ago I heard my little inner voice say "Ask Ariel if she'd like to do a facebook live with you for your Savvy Soul Sister fb group. And then the sudden - "...and make it a live session of her working intuitively with you!"

I was excited and TERRIFIED instantly. 

But I know this inner voice never steers me wrong, even when I'm bone chillingly scared of what it's guiding me to do (hello "leave your comfy income and existing career and start your own new business from scratch...twice...")

So I asked her, and of course being the freaking awesome chica that she is - Ariel Frey Infante (Intuitive Success Coach), was all for it! 

So we went live just a few days ago - and I was a bawling mess within minutes. 

In the video below, we talk about;

  • the deepest root of my self sabotage (maybe you can relate...)
  • what's been stopping me from reaching the next level of my business/happiness (has it been stopping you, too?)
  • why I go in this circle of feeling super inspired/on a roll, to totally flat and unmotivated - and how I can end it today
  • what it means to be intuitive, and how to know if you are far more in-tune than you actually realize..

My beautiful soul sister  - this is a MUST WATCH if you are on a path of spiritual growth, and have a desire to live your very best life and highest path possible in the time you have left. 

Especially if you are feeling uncertain right now <3

I strongly encourage you to create the time to watch (or even just listen as you do chores around the house or run errands in the car!)

This is a gift from my soul to yours...

If you want to listen only, please click below...


I once heard one of my mentors, Gabby Bernstein, say "I bring you my wounds so that if you see yourself in them, may you find your path to healing them as well."

I hope in the showing and sharing of my weaknesses, , you may find your healing <3 

Follow Your Heart Always, 

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