I Spent $100k To Find Out It Could've Been Free..

To my beautiful soul sister,

Is this you, beauty? 

I was always in such a rush to make things happen. Constantly in a state of worry about money. It took me spending upwards of $100k to realize, I could've found my answers for free... 

I just wanted someone to give me the answers, the exact guidelines and map towards being completely care free. 

I hired the best business coaches, invested $65k USD in private coaching, $7k USD in Masterminds, and travelled all over the world to conferences, workshops, and seminars plus flights, hotels, food and taxis. 

And after all this, STILL feeling lost (and exhausted). Still feeling like I wasn't quite living true to my purpose. Something was still missing... 

Finally, when the debt from trying to find my answers from everyone and everywhere else outside of me was more than I could bare, I had nowhere left to turn but inwards. 

Afraid to walk away from external support, I knew I had to invest now in learning how to tune in to my my own inner voice. To develop my own style, understand my own truth, and connect to my deepest sense of purpose and fulfillment. 

Pair of Woman's Legs Dangling Over Water

And after finally learning how to connect more and more deeply to my Highest Self, my intuition, my inner guide... I was awakened

More and more I could see clearly the path I was meant to take. 

More and more excitement continues to pour out from me every single day. 

More and more inspiration fills my heart and soul for new programs, new posts, new books, new speaking engagements.

More and more people have been emailing and private messaging me to work with me (without me having changed a single thing visibly).


And more and more I realize, I was searching for my answers in all the wrong places. 

And now it's your turn, my beautiful soul sister. 

If you've been doing all the things, listening to all the coaching, mentoring, and external advice, and yet STILL feeling like something isn't quite right, or not feeling the deep sense of purpose and passion your soul craves, the Awakening is for you. 

If you know in your heart there is a higher, happier, more fulfilling path awaiting your arrival but you can't seem to find it, the Awakening is for you.

If you have an innate desire to connect more deeply to your Inner Guide, Turn on your Intuitive Gifts, and learn how to TRUST your Self beyond a shadow of a doubt, the Awakening is for you.

If you're ready to finally learn how listen to your ULTIMATE guide, the one that's inside, and partner with this infinite resource so that you become unstoppable now and for the REST OF YOUR LIFE - the Awakening is for you. 

Have a peek for yourself here and see what your soul says...

Our window of opportunity to connect in this small LIVE group journey together is quickly drawing to a close. 

If you're uncertain, you're welcome to follow what I'd do in the same circumstance - better to find out what's possible, than regret what could've been... 

Hope to lift you up and fly with you, beauty.

Now it's YOUR turn to rise and shine. I can help <3

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