Connect With Your Purpose + Intuition

Jennifer Jayde

Hello my beautiful soul sister , 

When I first came across Amber the West Coast Medium I KNEW I couldn't keep her a secret from you. 

We connected deeply and quickly, and over 3 hour long coffee dates that seemed to pass by in minutes, Amber has shared with me some of life's deepest answers I'd searched for and wondered about my entire life. 

Things like;
- Does Karma really exist?
- Are there parallel dimensions?
- What does it mean that time doesn't truly exist??
- Do I have free will or am I living a pre-determined life plan?
- Why do some people die so young?

Let me tell you, , I was fascinated... Mesmerized... 

Blown away. 


Amber is booked months in advance for private sessions and her live events sell out fast, so when she agreed to join us in the Savvy Soul Sister fb group for a special session just for us, I was over the MOON with gratitude and excitement.

In the video below, we talk about;

  • How to uncover your purpose
  • How to get onto the highest path for your life
  • How to ask your guides/intuition for advice and help in big life decision making
  • The difference between a fearful 'no' or an intuitive 'no'
  • What you can do now to start changing your life for the better, immediately
  • And way too much more to list here!


My beautiful soul sister - this is a MUST WATCH if you are on a path of spiritual growth, and have a desire to live your very best life and highest path possible in the time you have left. 

Especially if you are feeling uncertain right now <3

I strongly encourage you to create the time to watch (or even just listen as you do chores around the house or run errands in the car!)


Prefer to listen only?  Please click the link below...

This is a gift from my soul to yours...

I hope this serves you, beautiful!

Follow Your Heart Always,    

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