5 Ways to Get Into Flow with the Universe

Last week I shared with you that by 25 I was married, had a house, a convertible, a fur baby, and a ‘great career’  in finance.


I’d checked all the boxes, and yet was completely unhappy. 


What was I in such a hurry for? Why was I in such a rush

What was I running from?

In those moments when I heard that question being asked of me, suddenly I knew. It all made sense. 

I had designed my life based around a childhood fear of lack and scarcity. 

I’d seen my mom suffer from anxiety and panic attacks in our little old basement suite starting around the age of 4, and that also happens to be my earliest memories of ambition kicking in. 


This realization felt like someone had just flicked the lights on to a dark room, and I had the awareness now to free myself of this lingering fear…and I could finally stop running.


Once I realized I could take my foot off the gas and stop running so hard ( I was tired by this point mentally, physically and emotionally. My business was happy but I was not. And my relationships with others, and with my Self, were beginning to suffer)

 - I was afraid that meant I was ‘giving up.’


Giving up on my big dreams, my vision for the future…

If I slow down/stop running in favour of ease and flow, wouldn’t that have to mean that all things slow down, including my progress and success? 

But as you read last week I actually attracted more success in this way, and more opportunities, than I ever did when I was trying to chase them down.


What is soo freaking awesome is that your ultimate success coach is inside YOU! This means that your human body is a vessel carrying your spiritual self, and your spiritual self is still connected to a limitless, infinite Source which guiding you in every possible moment. 


It’s like your soul is in a car, and your car has the best GPS system in the Universe.

Here are some ways (and reminders) of how it is constantly guiding you. The more sensitive you can become to these guidances, the smoother your ride will be :-) 


  • Intuition (of course) - especially helpful if you know your personal most dominant intuitive language and put in the practise to develop it further


  • Triggers - when you are emotionally triggered in some way, likely your initial reaction will be defensive (or even offensive), but when the dust settles and you can consider the situation from a birds’ eye view -  get curious and explore why this triggered you at all.  What was it you were expecting to happen/not happen, any why were you attached to this expectation? Is there a need or void of your own you are trying to fill through the actions/reactions of others?


  • Body Sensations - your body is always communicating with you. Through your aches and pains, through your physical energy levels. Through your health. Through your ‘gut reactions’ to things, people, places. Sometimes it’s simply saying - nourish me more, move me, give me fresh air and water so we can feel better on this ride! Sometime’s it’s telling you when you’re out of alignment, not on your highest path, or which decisions feel right, and which do not.


  • Clues in Everyday Life - The Universe will speak to you through conversations with other people. It will produce subtle clues and signs. (There are no such things as coincidences! The Universe does not make mistakes). It will re-route you in ways that maybe don’t always feel good at first, but then always have worked out for the better. It will put people and teachers onyour path when you need them. It will never give up on steering you in the right direction - It’s simply up to you, the person in the driver’s seat, to determine if you are going to listen to these guidances or not. 


  • Staying in Integrity with Your Soul - say yes when you feel nudged, inspired or excited to say yes. Even if it scares or intimidates you. Say no when you don’t feel any excitement at all, no inner nudges and it feels more like an obligatory chore than a joyful way to spend any length of time on. If you say yes to things you aren’t meant to do, you are taking time away from the things you are.

Your turn, beauty. What are a list of ways you already find yourself tuning into the guidance and flow of the Universe?

Where are some areas you could improve upon?


You are eternally, limitlessly, and infinitely supported. Never forget that, and do take full advantage :-) 


Follow your Heart Always,

Jennifer Jayde Spencer