From Stumbling In The Dark To Feeling IGNITED Again

Hello my beautiful soul sister, 


I have a confession to make. 


Not too long ago, I was feeling like my business was over.

In less than a year I had built a multi-6 figure business online, but something was off

My passion and drive started leaking out of me, and fast.  

Finally I got the support I needed and EVERYTHING turned around. 

I went from stumbling in the dark to feeling ignited again, passionate, driven, ON FIRE with conviction, purpose and passion. 

Only this time my guidance didn’t come from a high level business coach. 

I learned that my very best guide, is inside. 

Through my journey I’ve learned how to tap in and turn on my intuitive connection to my inner guide, and this has made all the difference in my life, my Self, and my business. 

These few key practises in fact, have breathed new life into my soul, and as a result, new opportunities to grow my Self and my business even greater than before

Since discovering how to truly lean into my intuitive side, doors began opening for me that I wasn’t even ‘hustling’ for.

Jen (58 of 68).jpg

With ease, I was offered;

  • TV interviews in both Canada and the USA
  • a Publishing deal which went onto become an international best selling book within 8 months start to finish
  • Guest host international tropical retreats for soul inspired women
  • Countless interviews and guest features

I’ve learned SO MUCH through trial and error, and now I feel called to pass everything I’ve learned on to you. 

In this *one time only* FREE Intuition Masterclass I will guide you from feeling like your wheels are spinning in your business, to feeling ON FIRE like never before. 

It’s the greatest feeling in the world!! But all great things are best shared. 

Click here to join me in this one time only free training. I am bursting at the seams to share this with you…   

To making bold moves and living life fully!

Follow Your Heart Always,   

Jennifer Jayde Spencer