How I'll Honour the Loss of My Coach

Last week I was dropped by the sudden passing of an incredible, life transformative catalyst in my life and extraordinary human being - my first ever life coach, James Butler.

He was 28 years old. 

He was gifted in the way he made you feel, the power and gentleness behind his words, and his ability to elevate you into your absolute truth. 

Every single Wednesday at 5:30pm for 6 months straight, I would bare my soul to him over the phone, shed tears through breakthroughs, realizations, and the releasing of the past -  and a lightness and joy over what was possible for me now.

He changed my life. 

And as I arrived last week to live out a dream I had first shared with him (speaking spiritual teachings at a tropical retreat), before I even had a chance to tell him about it, he was gone.


What's incredibly soul bending for me is the way in which he exited the world. 

He was once a bomb disposal diver for the Canadian military, had a near death experience 4 years ago while under water and suffered a collapsed lung among other things. 

And when he survived, he dedicated his life to living and loving fully. In every moment, as much as possible.

When he passed last week, he was with his fiancee (engaged less than one month to the love of his life), they were adventuring in Thailand, and taking a morning swim together. 

He was swimming underwater in probably one of the most blissful moments of his life in one moment, and the next he was gone. 

It may sound kind of odd, but I find this incredibly beautiful. 

(If you're curious what happened, we're not sure yet, but an aneurysm is suspected)

After the initial shock that he was gone, that we would never share a powerful conversation in this life again, I knew exactly what I would do to honour his memory.


I will use his life as a powerful example of how I will live my own. 

To live fully. Adventure. Play. Be silly and laugh. Create fun and be as curious as a child over things that intrigue and inspire me. 

I will drop the defences and the survival mechanisms we talked so much about releasing. I will worry less about what other people may think or want from me, and step further into owning my own truth and expressing it fully. 

I will do today that which I may not get a chance to do tomorrow. 

I will love every moment and interaction like it may be my last. 

What about you?  Is there someone in your life that has gone back home to the other side? Are you honouring their life by fully living your own? 

I don't mean do you have your big house or dream car yet - I mean - are you happy? 

Do you recognize the beauty in little moments, do you take a moment for gratitude just for the gift of being alive today?

Are you taking chances on new experiences, things that scare and excite you at the same time, are you living in alignment with your soul, or lingering inside the "shoulds" a bit too long?

What can you begin today, that will increase your joy for tomorrow? If not for you, than for all the people, living or otherwise, that want to see you fully OWN your lifeand create joy and adventure and exhilaration for yourself in every possible way...

It's time...


Follow Your Heart Always,

Jennifer Jayde Spencer